TNI RADIO IS BACK! More Music Less Chat!  


Classic Rock at it's very best brought to you by Radio Caroline Presenter Tony Christian...........


TNI was originally born in the early 2000's. Tony produced regular shows around the World every

Saturday night which proved to be a phenomenal success and a huge audience was built up.

It's now back, Relaunch was on 26th February 2017 and already there's a great response and also

excellent results in the Mixcloud Charts! Our thanks to those who made this happen so soon!


You will hear a great selection of Classic Rock Memories plus TNI Live In Concert & other features

including Tribute Bands and other surprises along the way.  


Our listener locations include USA, UK, France, Netherlands,Canada, Norway, Austria, Oslo, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sardinia, Sarayevo, Argentina, Athens, Italy, Amsterdam,

Hungary. This is so exciting & encouraging for us  - thank you all very much!


If you would like to get in touch with us or there's anything in particular you would like to hear on

TNI Classic Rock please visit our Contacts page, be great to hear from you.


Meanwhile we hope you will enjoy the music, it's free to listen!  You don't need an account but if

you do sign up (just an email and password) you will be able to fave anything you like from us and

also comment on our programmes on our profile.


                                       Check out our News Page for all the latest!




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